Custom Web Application Development

Why custom web application development

There is no one size fits all solution for your business problems. Give us a call to find out how we can solve your problem.

Safe and Secure Data

Loss of control and visibility of data storage in the off-shelf products puts businesses and their customers at risk. With the custom application, you gain full authority to store and secure data. Achieve peace of mind with visibility and control of data protection measures.

Remote Access

Having a desktop software for critical business processes makes it impossible to work virtually. Setting up a VPN for remote access incurs extra cost and is cumbersome to work with such a setup. Web App makes it possible to access the business processes remotely from anywhere without ongoing IT support.

Mobile Compatible

Business Applications incompatibility with mobile devices impacts the critical functions negatively, causing delayed actions. It results in poor customer service and experience. Responsive custom web apps solve this issue, focusing on the necessary parts of the applications.

Cost Savings

Paying for the features that don't add value to the business is a waste of money. Spending upfront for the development cost instead of a lifelong subscription turns out to be profitable in the long run. Value-based custom development caters towards spending only on the features generating value for the business.

Efficient Workflow

Software not tailored for the business process is inefficient in producing effective results. Using generic products requires modifying the business process to work around them, which results in adding unnecessary steps. Custom Software develops the solution around the optimal business process.

Painless Integration

Gathering valuable information across multiple sources is either a manual resource extensive work or limited to the offerings of the generic solution. Consolidating vital scattered data in a central place in a user-friendly format with possible custom integrations saves time and tiresome efforts.

How we develop web applications tailored for your business?

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1. Design and Validate

- Develop a use case to solve the problem - Analyze Functional Requirements in a Use Case - Create the Wireframes related to the Use case - Review and Validate Use Cases and Wireframes.

2. Develop and Deploy

- Map the Functional Requirements to Technical Requirements. - Create user stories for the Use case. - Create Acceptance criteria to validate the user stories. - Develop user stories in an agile manner. - Develop, deploy, and test the application on the server. - Validate with the customer the expected outcome of the solution.

3. Train

- Train the required stakeholders and power users as needed on the new processes and solutions.

4. Maintain and Support

- Maintain and support the application. - Enhance the application by adding new helpful features.

Business Process Mapping

Gain Data-Driven Business Process Insights

Business Process Improvement

Uncover Hidden Profit In Your Business.

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